Affiliate Membership

CCSPA Affiliate Members

Affiliate Membership ($75 annually)

Affiliate membership is appropriate for professionals or students who have a vested interest in student-athlete mental health and well-being but who may not meet criteria for another category. These individuals may include (but are not limited to) coaches, administrators, individuals who teach, do research, and/or provide expertise and knowledge in the field of sport psychology or human performance. CCSPA provides networking opportunities for individuals in a variety of disciplines and positions. CCSPA can be a valuable resource for those who are in positions to make decisions impacting student-athlete well-being by providing these individuals with information regarding best practices as well as opportunities to consult with professionals across the country who specialize in providing services to student-athletes. Affiliate members could provide CCSPA with information and assistance in producing educational components of CCSPA (e.g., webinars, podcasts, etc.).

Affiliate members will not have a voting stake nor will they be able to hold advisory board positions in the organization. If an affiliate member has more interest in becoming a Level 1 member, they are encouraged to talk with an advisory board member.