Discussion Board & Listserv

CCSPA listservs are for those individuals who are members of CCSPA. Members may subscribe to up to 3 Listservs based on membership status. These listservs are for those members interested in posting on issues, questions, information, and consultations regarding topics related to the field of mental health and performance work with collegiate student-athletes. The opinions and information posted on this listserv are not endorsed by CCSPA or the listserv manager. Neither the list manager nor the CCSPA organization shall be held liable for any information and/or data made available to, or omitted from, postings distributed to the subscribers of this mailing list.

All Members Listserv

The General Information and Discussion Listserv is for all CCSPA Members – Level 1 & 2, Students and Affiliates. This listserv is intended for updates, job postings, questions, and discussions, relevant to and appropriate for all levels of membership.

Student Listserv

The Student Listserv is intended for information, questions, discussion, and networking appropriate for Student Members of CCSPA. Three professional members will be present on the listserv and act as mentors.

Consultation Listserv

The Consultation Listserv is intended to serve as a forum for confidential clinical and performance consultation among Level 1 & 2 members. All members are licensed professionals and agree to keep information shared over the listserv confidential.

Instructions for Subscribing

When membership is approved and the fee has been processed, the list manager will add new members to the appropriate listserv(s). Members will receive a welcome email from the listserv with instructions and relevant links and information.

Only email addresses added by the list manager will be able to send emails on the listserv.