Explanation of Membership Levels

CCSPA Membership Requirements

  1. Current, active license in mental health. Documentation should include license number.
  2. A formal relationship with an athletic department providing services to collegiate student athletes. Can be any division, any intercollegiate level (NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA, etc), any conference. Documentation should indicate status as a preferred provider for mental health/sport psychology services for student-athletes. Examples include:
    • A letter from a senior administrator or sports medicine staff verifying status as a preferred provider,
    • A website listing psychologist on staff with the department,
    • A statement from the director of the university counseling center indicating athletic department liaison.
    • This list is not exhaustive. Other documentation can be submitted for review by the membership chair and advisory board.

CCSPA Membership Levels and Fees

Level 1:  Mental Health and Performance Services Provider ($100 annually)

Level one membership is for licensed mental health providers also trained in sport and performance psychology. CCSPA recognizes this as the ideal for our role as providers to student-athletes.

To obtain Level one membership, one must provide proof of a mental health license as well supporting documents indicating a proficiency in sport psychology service delivery. Examples of support include but are not limited to:

  • CC-AASP Certification
  • A letter from a supervisor documenting supervised experience in the delivery of sport/performance psychology services
  • A degree from a program that trains in both mental health and sport performance psychology
  • Documentation of a specialized internship or post-doctoral fellowship in sport psychology
  • Documentation of 10+ years providing sport psychology services specifically to collegiate student-athletes

Level 2: Mental Health Provider ($100 annually)

Level two membership indicates that one is a licensed provider of mental health services to collegiate student-athletes but is not trained specifically in sport and performance psychology. Level two members are encouraged to continue their education to meet the needs of the whole athlete as performance and engagement in their sport is essential to their identity as a student-athlete.

Level 3: Student ($50 annually)

To obtain student membership one must demonstrate pursuit of graduate training (e.g., evidence of enrollment in a Master’s or Doctoral program) in BOTH mental health AND sport psychology OR provide a letter from a current member stating that the student applicant is in formal training under the current member’s supervision in order to obtain a job in the future with collegiate student-athletes. Upon renewal of membership the student must also provide a statement of progress toward completion of training.

All documentation will be reviewed by the advisory board.

Disclaimer: CCSPA is NOT a credentialing organization. Membership level supports member proficiency, but does not indicate a credential or certification.